Recommending most suitable matrimony matches for Indian Singles

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Many a times in India, when individuals get to their marriageable age, they face family pressure for getting married. It starts off a string of debates, arguments and tiffs over when they should marry and who they should marry. Targeted at single women and men looking to get married, Marrily is a matchmaker app that allows people to find their better halves without these pressure or interference from others. It uses a recommender system built using machine learning algorithms for finding and suggesting the most suitable matrimonial matches from the lot. So, users do not have to waste time over irrelevant profiles. After both individuals have expressed interest in each other, the app would connect them to take things ahead.

“We are extremely empathetic to customer needs and agile in solving their problems”

The app has strict verification processes making sure users are authenticated and not in the system for the sake of being there. It uses sign up with Facebook, matching pictures with selfie and verifying their mobile number among other practices to make sure all users are authenticated in the strictest sense. It also uses analytics and user feedback to remove users not serious about marriage. In India there are about 60 million people of marriageable age. The app is targeting them and hopes to assist many of them in future.

The company is based out of Mumbai. Marrily is founded by Sourabh Varma, who has a vast knowledge in business management, product and machine learning, and Ajay Pandey who handles the technology stack. They believe that India is a little behind when it comes to adoption oftechnology for the purpose of meeting for relationships. They are working on building a platform where the first thing people would do when looking for a life partner is look online.

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The company believes that Singles segment has the potential to outgrow the parents segment where existing matrimony players are focusing. It also believes that the matrimony matchmaking space can become much bigger in future and new-gen players could create companies much bigger than what exists today. They are planning on becoming leaders in their market. To get to the point that they are aiming for, they plan to immediately add a few more people to their team of 7. They are looking for experienced resources in machine learning, customer support, and SEO.

The Marrilyapp would stand out because it would use machine learning to assist in matchmaking and not leave it on users to search tonnes of profiles. Secondly, the app follows a two way matching process which means a connection would have to be approved by both parties. Finally, it has a good authentication process. Marrily should also add that their payment system is a little different as well. They do not charge by the duration of using the app but by the number of connections their users make.

The platform has 15,000 members at present and is looking to head to 50,000 in the near future. They are working toward more traction through SEO and ASO. They also have plans of in-app sharing and finding new channels to help with the marketing.

The company has raised $150k in the past. They are now looking to raise $ 1 mil in funding.

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