Bringing professional house cleaning to client door step

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After hearing so many working adults talk about how difficult it is to get domestic help, MyDidi decided to do something about it. MyDidi is a curated marketplace finally solving their users’ home cleaning issues. The website is working on bringing professionalism to an industry that is chaotic and unorganized. In the last couple of years, the website has worked toward training more than 200 women and 100 men in this sector.

“We are young entrepreneurs, keen on learning and we are still learning about our domain”

MyDidi charges on a minute basis and they are completely precise about it. That’s not all, the system is completely transparent. The people working under it clock their time on their apps so it is all done right in front of the clients. This platform solves the main issues of house owners, since they can completely rely on the app. They can now avail of someone they can completely trust working in their house. As for the workers and the help, they are receiving job security, something that has generally been alien to them. Further, they are following the rules of the industry which they can always benefit from learning.

The current Indian market requires 23 million people in this industry, which means that there is a lot of demand for MyDidi. The industry seems to be in the range of approximately 35 billion USD. The company is looking to move to at least ten other Indian cities by 2022 and serve about 10 mil households in the same time.

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MyDidi has been growing really fast since their inception. In just about 2 years, they are already in three cities. That’s not all; they managed to achieve this with only a team of ten members. Since every member of the team is rewarded for the work they produce, the team pushes themselves to produce their best results. This also allows for better references from their customers.

The company was started by Sagar Sen, CEO and Founder, Abhijeet Ranjan, COO, Rishabh Agarwal, CTO, Mohit Verma, CMO and Saurav Suman, CFO. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. They are still looking to hire good talent in their area of expertise. All the members of the team are young and have a shared idea about the future of their product. The goal of their platform was for the people who are doing all the work to be treated with respect and make good money. It brings them immense joy to see their cleaners take pride and satisfaction in the work they handle.

Their system also has an in-house training program. This takes care of the quality of the work produced as well. The only barriers that they currently face are convincing their staff to work with them. Sometimes it is a challenge to train them on how to clean as well since many of them have been to school.

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