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Websites give us so much information on a regular basis, and we usually look to Google to tell us where to go and what we should expect to find. Not anymore, here’s Netsaar. Netsaar is an internet assistant that provides users with information about websites. They are working on compiling the best websites and creating a list that would benefit users.

“The time it takes to create a catalogue of carefully curated website businesses, and to take up this hard work is the only barrier to entry”

They look at themselves as connecting users with online businesses since there are so many companies out there promoting offline businesses already. They are using this to their advantage and creating awareness about companies that might get overlooked in a world with ample social media marketing and giant advertising budgets.

They are ideally working with the not so tech savvy audience and introducing them to the world of the internet. Informing users about sites, and allowing them to do so much more than Facebook and Instagram seems to be their main objective.


The company is headquartered at Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Netsaar has been co founded by two siblings Monish Khemani, and Ginni Khemani and Khanak Gupta, their close friend. Since only 20% of the Indian market is using the internet, they are working on educating the newcomers so they would be better equipped at using the internet. Furthermore, they are looking to have more than 10,000 new monthly users by next year.

They are keeping an eye out for a growth manager who would be able to help tip the scales in their favour. They are also looking to expand new avenues in their business. The team currently has between 7-10 members. They go through the websites they list on a regular basis and keep up with the technologies these websites use, making them the best people to create these lists..

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Since they are surrounded by people who have smartphones but lack the complete technical know-how to get very far, they are working on a way to solve this issue.

With a website giving its audience daily blog posts, monthly videos, regular newsletters and so much more, why would their customers want to unsubscribe. Further, these are the same people who are benefiting from this content. Their website makes sure the content that they add up there, is vetted by their team. Only after a thorough process do website names come up.

Netsaar has gone through a lot of changes since inception, especially considering that they were initially text heavy and now they have images and self explanatory content. They went with the requirements of their audience and made the changes accordingly.

Most of their competition has been in the game a lot longer than them. Some of the websites are international and others even have funding. Since they managed to make it to the market before Netsaar, they have quite the advantage. Unlike their competition however, Netsaar is regularly updating their website and their content, making sure that their clients have something to look forward to.

Netsaar’s most updated content comes in the form of helpful videos accessible under the “Netsaar Learns” banner and their YouTube videos accessible here:

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