Ola’s sputtering electric vehicle trial a red flag for India plan

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Ola was considering starting a fleet of electric vehicles in the city of Nagpur as a trial project. However, the trial has not been successful at the moment. The project was backed by Softbank’s investment at $8 million and was kicked off by the Union Transport minister Nitin Gadkari. In less than a year, Ola drivers are looking to return their electric cars for petrol alternatives. They could not deal with any more of the long lines at the charging stations and the high maintenance of the cars.

An interview was carried out with 20 of the drivers, where more than a dozen had returned their cars for diesel alternatives or were considering it. The company is considering the economics of the project since it is not completely feasible for drivers at the moment.

On the flipside, China saw an increase in electric vehicles which added 2% to the total passenger car sales of 24.7 million in the last year.

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