Organizing the unorganized service apartment market and helping companies with corporate stays

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Pajasa is a service apartment aggregator that coordinates corporate stays for companies. Their main focus is to significantly reduce a company’s fixed cost on guest houses when they could book apartments as and when their clients or employees are traveling. They are currently the only company working across the country, renting out service apartments to companies for their corporate stay.

They are better than the rest of the small timers since their prices are unparalleled. They provide homes with usable kitchens at a price almost 40% less than a guest house or hotel. Since the stay can be lengthened and shortened as and when needed, it works well for the companies booking it as well. Most importantly, they are so well connected; they have access to all major cities so guests would never be stranded.

With no big players, currently wrestling it out in the unorganized Indian market, Pajasa is looking at a $ 1 billion opportunity that they would be capable of taking over.

The company is headquartered in Powai, Mumbai and they have about eight members. Headed by their founders, Paras Sangwan and Arpit Awasthi; the team comprising of Zarar Ali, (Senior Software Developer), Jyoti Rajput, (Accounts), Satbir S Singh, (Sales Manager), Bhakti Singhal, (Social Media) and Sarita Pal, (Software Engineer). They are also looking to hire additional sales and tech experts before the end of the year.

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They are working on making a significant impact by the turn of the decade with 50,000 room keys registered on our website. They are also planning on having more than 2,000 corporates on their platform. The ideal vision is to generate 1 lac rooms a night by 2020 and to increase team size to 50 to help handle this amount of work. The long-term goal, however, is to create a fully automated and AI driven booking process which would hasten everything and allow them to capture markets faster.

They are currently the only company in this space and being the first into the market space does have its perks. They believe in moving first and fast to create a name before others enter their space. They also work with security and comfort of their clients, to make sure everyone is happy with the deal before settling anything.

The main challenge they are facing now is organizing the service apartment sector and adding all their locations to their online database so that others can book them out easily.

As of today, the company has been bootstrapped, and they are not looking for funding anytime soon.

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