Proving sanitary and hygienic toilet seats for clean and healthy public restrooms

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PeeSafe is a product of parent company Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt. Ltd. It is a revolutionary toilet seat sanitizer spray which disinfects the surface of toilet seats while sanitizing them. PeeSafe is a clinically approved isopropyl alcohol-based toilet seat sanitizer that dries up almost immediately. This allows people to use the toilet seat right after spraying it. The idea for PeeSafe was borne out of the need to protect women from infections they are vulnerable to when they use unclean toilet seats, especially in public washrooms.

“As the category creators in the toilet seat sanitizer spray domain within the country, we don’t see any direct competition in the market at present”

PeeSafe solves the feminine hygiene issue especially in places like India where the standards of cleanliness in public toilets and washrooms is highly disappointing to say the least. There are women in India who have the potential to spend money to protect themselves from infections borne of unhygienic sanitary conditions, but there aren’t many solutions out there. This is the gap that PeeSafe seeks to plug. Given that there are 150-200 million women affected and getting ill from unhygienic toilet seats across the globe, the market opportunity is huge and PeeSafe is perfectly poised to be that major breakthrough which everyone has been waiting for.

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The company is headquartered in Gurugram & Delhi. It is run by Vikas Bagaria and Dheeraj Jain. They were friends for a couple of years before turning into business partners. The company has about 40 employees who are working on PeeSafe. Most of the employees work on the ground in a bid to raise the sales numbers. Since the product category of PeeSafe is fairly new in India, the company has managed to skyrocket to the top of the food chain. Being the leader in the toilet seat hygiene spray segment, PeeSafe’s growth has been exceptional and has surpassed what the team themselves thought they would manage.

In the last few months, PeeSafe managed to make it into more than 5000 stores across the country and it already has a presence in 14 states. That’s not all; the team has managed to get a contract for $20 million with a company based in Doha for the next 5 years. The product was commercially launched in the beginning of this year and has sold over 3 lakhs* unit since April with some going internationally.

Moving forward, the team is coming up with a travel kit which would comprise a few more products to assist travelers to relieve themselves comfortably and safely at public bathrooms along their journeys. Further, PeeSafe is also undertaking a rebranding exercise in different languages as it gets ready to make its mark across different geographies and markets. Currently, as the category creator in its domain, the product has little competition in the market and is the undisputed frontrunner with a trademark registration.

The company raised a pre-series funding of $1 million in June 2017 and is well on its way to achieving its vision of raising awareness regarding toilet hygiene and encouraging more women across the globe to use public toilets safely.

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