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Creating games to help students improve behaviours and work well with others

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Planet Earthling is a project that works on creating empowering games to make the world a better place. They do this by adding life skills into the games they create. Players enjoy interesting and entertaining games and learn about skills like cooperation, collaboration, the joys of being kind, among others while playing.

These games were developed in an effort to help students who go through various behavioural issues like bullying, aggression and other such outbursts in class.  A study showed that 40% of the time is spent in classrooms dealing with students going through similar behaviour problems.

The overall market for these games might not be the largest but it works since the solution is something all people should be taught, making it socially and politically mandated. All the same, the global game-based learning is estimated to be an $ 8.1 billion industry by 2022.

Founded by Greg Acuna thanks to his passion to leave the world better off than it currently is, Planet Earthling is currently headquartered out of the Center for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA) in Assagao Goa. They are currently working on moving out from card and mobile games to a larger educational virtual world. They would then encourage students to study and collaborate and corporate with each other.


Currently, the company doesn’t have a large team but the founder brings to the table the right amount of creativity, technological know-how and business acumen, which works well for the product. He has been a game developer for more than 3 years. He also ventured into writing, film, theatre, TV and is a novelist. The company could use someone who would be able to tackle the business side of the deal, so Greg can focus on the product.

Some of the milestones Greg remembers the company going through

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Sept. 2016 – Acting Kindly ProtoDeck printed card game released.

June 2017 – Acting Kindly Mobile Released.

Nov. 2017 – Zarbul virtual world prototype finished.

Dec. 2017 – Acting Kindly @School game completed.

March 2018 – Crowdfunding in India for Acting Kindly @School to be completed.

Although there are companies out there doing similar work, there is no real competition since most of the games do not really have the gamification element to them. Further, crowdfunding on Ketto got the game some money and also gave the game the attention that it deserved.

The company has recently bootstrapped and they managed to raise a total of $5000 and managed to crowdfund an additional $3500.

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