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QuirkyByte is a trending online magazine that goes through and covers a wide range of article topics. They write about entertainment, lifestyle, health and even technology. The content written always has a lot of quirkiness added to it which is why they have such a large audience. The creators of the online magazine felt that there was not enough imagination and creativeness in a lot of the content being put out there and they thought of doing something about it.

“The company’s vision is to become a global creative platform for budding writers and offer best quality content to readers across the spectrum”

Since the company is working on content in a bunch of different fields, there is a giant market opportunity. QuirkyByte is looking at hitting number of $100 mil in the next 10 years. The ideal audience that they are targeting is rather young and in the age groups of 15 – 35 years.

Their company is based in New Delhi. The team is headed by Aditya Goel (founder) along with Aniket Aryan (COO) and Anuj Aggarwal (Chief Editor and Mentor). The founder is a trained professional in digital marketing. He has also worked in web development for some time. The company currently has more than 40 employees in their midst. The core team is a group of about 8 people and the rest of their team are made up of, content writers, video editors, designers, SEO experts and developers.

There is no definitive amount that people spend annually on advertisements, since different brands would spend different amounts depending on their advertising campaigns. Currently there are a bunch of avenues where this could happen, ie. print, radio, or television, but this is not always the same. Since print seems to be moving slower with every year, there is a chance that there is going to be increased demand for digital advertising. The main focus of QuirkyByte has always been their content and their process of content creation.

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Since the team has a personal touch with their audience, they are in a better position to understand their wants and requirements. Furthermore, QuirkyByte has also had the same requirements in the past, so they know what their audience is going through. Majority of the people on the team are fast learners, so they can adapt to sudden changes and are easily able to understand the basic wants and requirements.

The company is looking to add a lot more people to their fold. They have their sights on some developers, designers and writers within the next one year.

They are planning on working with their fans, and getting them to create some of their content. Since the overall content is unique, innovative and imaginative, there are definitely going to be users interested in their content. They are planning on creating a mobile app for their users as well.

Some of the issues QuirkyByte faces are the limited talent in the Indian market. It is not easy to make good hires locally. Furthermore, there are a bunch of restrictions when working with social media and there prove a hindrance.


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