Creating a strong brand for Indian women’s clothing

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If you have been looking for a traditional women’s wear brand, look no further than Rudri. Their focus is aimed at organizing the retail sector for women’s wear. They stand out since they curate different collections of women’s clothing, especially traditional wear. The sector is currently unorganized and a complete mess. They are looking to make sense of the chaos and turn Rudri into a national brand. Rudri was started by Mayur Bhanushali and Harsh Bhanushali, with their office in Mumbai

Although India sees a lot of sarees, kurtis and Indian dresses, almost no brands managed to make it big. Most Indian saree brands work throughout the country and that’s about it. Most of these brands are getting their recognition through word of mouth. This does create awareness but also provides for limited exposure. Further, due to the un-organization, there are no big players or huge brands. Most of the big designers are out of reach of the general populous, giving them limited options.

“The knowledge of the product & experience from retail sales is helpful to understand different demographic markets”

Google research shows that market size for Indian wear is estimated at $ 30 bil. However, there is a lot more untapped potential since the market needs some cleaning up. A relatively sized store, if marketed properly, can have an annual turnover of several crores. So a national brand would be capable of so much more. This is why Rudri is currently focusing on their brand. After working on their brand, they are planning on starting a few outlets of their own.

The founders have a ton of experience in retail sales and have been working with sarees and Indian wear for more than 12 years. This obviously puts their company in a good spot and increases their growth potential since they know what they are doing.

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The founders at Rudri are highly motivated by their work. Their idea is to work hard and keep working, till their goal is no longer unachievable. That’s not all, all products are quality tested by the founder himself. After going through the QA test, they are then put up for sale. With all the work that they are doing, Rudri is looking to get some recognition from the ministry of textiles. That would definitely put them on the map. Moving from the current family business that they run to becoming a national brand is their main goal.

Rudri has a better handle on their competitions since they are moving to technology, which is something most other stores aren’t looking to do. Their biggest hurdle is selecting from the hundreds and hundreds of options they receive. Although they have their own website, they are planning on getting to customers through actual stores.

RUDRI is now exclusively available at Vibhutee, R.R.T.Road, Mulund-West, Mumbai-80

To book appointments call : 022-25612743/46

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