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If you are looking for small investment banks, who would give your budding startup the one on one attention it needs, SaltWater Associates are the people for you. They are however very strict with their due diligence when it comes to selecting their deals. However, their most important asset has to be their reputation. Most startups try to work with them so they can have their names associated with SaltWater Associates.

“If an entrepreneur has our philosophy, we work with the entrepreneur and move worlds ends for growth”

Gautam is a chartered accountant by profession. He acquired his masters from Symbiosis Pune. He spent some time working with Ernst & Young in his early years, and went to start his first venture, Posiview Consulting. Posiview Consulting was a full service corporate advisory firm. After this he went on to build Posiview America which slowly pushed him towards SaltWater Associates.

Watching startups and young entrepreneurs do what they do and push themselves to strive for so much more always surprised Gautam. The drive of young entrepreneurs pushes SaltWater Associates to assist them with the knowledge they have to build great companies out there. Although startups are great at working in their own fields, they need a lot of assistance with the rest of their requirements. Legal diligences, financial management, budgeting, financial growth reviews are usually pushed to the back burner at startups. Furthermore, SaltWater Associates also assist with investments for startups.

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Other than being well connected, they provide global delivery at local prices. They have offices in New York, Singapore and Mumbai and their backend office in Goa. They have a very lean management and core team so do not spend a lot of money on overheads. Like their motto says, they can actually focus on ‘Innovation first’. Although they focus on small and medium companies, they do handle larger clients as well. They have assisted a couple of companies in the last couple of years, and some of them have gone on to become leaders in their area of expertise.

If you would like to avail their services, they do not have any specific criteria, but companies would have to have an innovative product. Products should be scalable and the founders should have an understanding of their competition.

Although the recent years have seen a slowdown in reckless spending, there is still scope for good businesses. Businesses that have an immediate turnaround are getting money faster. However they are struggling to turn that money into actual results.

Startups need to understand that their products are not just being built for one company but could have significant impact across other countries. India and the US have their own differences and India should not imitate the US when they have their own innovation that they need to work on.

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