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Working with entrepreneurs who want to make big impact using technology

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Founded by Sandeep Murthy, is a Mumbai-based venture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies. The firm’s operating philosophy is to invest in a small selection of companies, allowing him to give them all the attention they may need. This is a unique approach for a fund the size of his, but this model works well for him.

“We love meeting entrepreneurs who think differently; who want to use technology to find solutions to the big challenges India faces”

Sandeep looks for founders who view the world differently; entrepreneurs determined to change something significant. He loves to work with founders on creating a product that is difficult to replicate. Knowing what you don’t know, and understanding your limitations is something that Sandeep is all for. It allows people to focus on what they know and spend energy improving what they are weak at.

For Sandeep, it is always about the long game, ideally, investments and goals that will bring returns in the long run. Finally, always looking at the long run has got him through so much personally as well; everything is always about the bigger picture.

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‘We recently invested in a company with a great product but without much knowledge about business’. He spends a significant amount of time putting financial systems in place so the company can focus on the product.

Sandeep believes the biggest opportunities in India are wherever there are broken pieces in consumption. From creating a new product all the way to how it’s distributed to the user, under one brand. This pushes the user experience to the next level since the brand takes full ownership of every aspect of the product.

For some companies integrating tech deep into their business model, helps make the product a lot better, faster and even cheaper. There are some companies moving into the unknown, taking tech into areas that have stayed without it for ages. It is companies like these that Sandeep prefers investing in.

Looking closely, one might notice that there is a change in the dynamic between customer and company. Companies that listen to the needs of changing customers will win.

As mentioned earlier, Sandeep likes to support companies and early stage startups with a goal that they seem to be determined to attain. Overall, they invest in a few companies and they assist them as much as possible. If you are an early stage entrepreneur, and you have a novel idea, get in touch with Sandeep!

Look at failure differently. Learn quickly and move on.
– Sandeep Murthy

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