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If you always found your email service being a little boring and not as proactive as you would like, here’s SendPulse, an email service provider with AI. Other than email, it combines the features of Viber, web push, SMTP and SMS on one platform. It sends email to subscribers based on their previous history of when they are most responsive. It assists most users with better response rates since the people receiving the email are more likely to go through them.

“By introducing new features in MVP and testing them on users, we managed to accelerate initial traction”

Email marketing is said to be more than a $100 Billion industry with about 40% of its revenue coming in from America itself.

SendPulse is headquartered in the US and it has offices in different parts of the world. They have a large R&D office in Chernihiv, Ukraine, with about 60 employees. Their other offices are based around Istanbul, in Turkey; Saint-Petersburg, in Russia and San Paolo in Brazil. The company started around two years back with 7 people and today they are more than 70 full time employees. To continue scaling, the company is looking to double their marketing team size and continue aggressively marketing their product. They are also looking to get a much larger web team to assist them.

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To attract the customers that SendPulse would need, they worked with a large free plan, and word of mouth helped to spread this information. Users started using their product immediately after that. Users also noticed that the simple UI made working through it, very easy. Finally, the company began aggressively marketing their product and this assisted as well.

SendPulse was started by two co-founders — from the USA and Ukraine. – One of them is Constantine Rozenshtraus-Makarov (from Ukraine).  Ihor Shevkoplias – CMO with over 10 years experience in marketing, and Maksym Ustymenko – CTO with 13 years in web development are the other key people. The co founders of the company have both been in email marketing since 2002. The founders are both working toward optimizing a process that saves user time when sending email. They are also working on helping their users get better responses to their emails. That’s not all; they make sure that they adopt the agile methodology when they are dealing with their short and long term targets and goals.

Spending a lot of time on the product does not always work in their favour if they spend too long before hitting the market. They realized that it would make a lot more sense to aggressively market their product and gradually add features as they move their product along. Sadly, with a lot of competition, coming up with something others have already seen, is not going to cut it. Inventing new features can be quite the challenge at times. SendPulse is bootstrapped and they are already cash positive.

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