Creating awareness about the Indian rural and urban market

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ShoppingKart24 came about as an idea to create awareness about local businesses. It allows people to purchase locally from others who might not be completely aware of the e-commerce bubble. Started by Prateek B Singh, ShoppingKart24 is unique because of the items they sell. Their mission is to promote small scale entrepreneurs, women or young entrepreneurs, from rural and urban India. Their main idea is to help them scale up their business.

Moving forward they are planning on improving and increasing their inventory. ShoppingKart24 is planning on adding Indian art, and exclusively Indian designs and products to their list of items. That’s not all, they already have a mobile app, that allows users to search using their voice. The company is also looking to add an offline presence to the market.

“Educate, empower, enrich, these are the three most important points on which shoppingkart24 focuses”

With all the noise about e-commerce, there are a lot of smaller fish who are being left out. Amazing work and interesting products need to be rewarded and ShoppingKart24 is bridging this gap. Thanks to its unique and versatile products, merchants from different walks are being empowered to use the platform.

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India has a very large e-commerce presence and this just keeps growing. According to a report, India expects to generate $100 bil in online revenue by 2020. ShoppingKart24 is planning on getting their share of the pie by targeting different sections of society. Working on their platform to account for different ages, sexes and classes of people should definitely help.

ShoppingKart24 was founded in 2016 by Prateek B Singh and Jyotsna Rai with their headquarters in Varanasi, UP. Today they have moved to Bangalore as well. In the future, they are planning on making their way to the capital too. Working toward their future plan, they are working with statewide vendors and promoting their products and designs. They foresee a significant increase in their growth and their customers ability to pay in the next six months. After getting their hands on the Indian market, they would slowly but surely move outside the country. They have worked on and managed to accomplish all this with a team of 10 members.

The founders and their team are motivated by the idea of promoting and being part of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. They are glad that they are playing a large part in creating awareness about the same. That’s not all, with marginal margins, they are sure that their customers will be able to make purchases without really feeling much of the pinch and at the best prices. They also take pride in delivering high quality products to their users doorsteps. Their products being unique would not be available anywhere else easily, and that gives them the advantage.

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