Creating a systematic enterprise resource planner

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SingulERP is a cloud based SaaS ERP for the manufacturing industry. Although there are many ERP systems out there, none of them have banked on the idea of having their ERP cloud based, until now. Being located on the cloud allows the users to connect to the platform from almost anywhere at any time.

Although it might seem like nothing much now, but the cloud based ERP system market is estimated to touch $30 bil by 2021. Located in Verna, SingulERP is working toward getting their piece of this pie. Intentionally holding onto a small team, they are not looking to add numbers, but they are eying increased revenue. SIngulERP is looking to touch 1 cr in about 20 months. They would not even need to move else where to make a mark since Goa has about 18 industrial estates and 400 industries of their own. It’s safe to say, there is a lot of potential in this tiny state. SingulERP is looking to tap 30% of the current Goan market within the same time.

“Efficiency through systematisation motivates me as a founder”

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Becoming big is almost a no brainer for SingulERP at this point, since there are so many industries who would be interested in implementing their system . They are also working using the cloud, which allows everyone to keep with the times. This also gives their clients the ease of using an ERP system, which was lacking in the previous ERP systems already in the market. This also reduced the cost and expenditure on infrastructure since the cloud is relatively cheaper. Finally, a small team and a SaaS model keeps their prices low.

Founded by Caslino Pereira, their current founder and CTO, SingluERP also has two other industry founders. This team definitely knows what they are doing since they have been running multiple tech companies. They also have some knowledge in the manufacturing industry sector. In a short time, SIngulERP will be looking to increase their current marketing team to get the word out. They are also planning on getting some software developers on board to keep up with the pace of the market. They are currently a team of four people. Even in the long run, they aren’t looking to create larger teams, they are more focused on improving efficiency through systematic workflows and increasing efficiency.

They next major step would be developing and getting their product to the market. Furthermore, focusing on automating a few processes and putting the company in a good position.

SingulERP has already been developed in two industries while they have a decent lead database. Unfortunately, the limited talent pool and the refusal to change existing and sometimes outdated technologies by clients deters the growth of their company.

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