Smartphone app now allows women to keep tabs on their fertility at home

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Bangalore based startup, Inito, created a device to help women identify and track their ovulation days. In an effort to create trust, the device was reviewed by an independent authority and validated two months after its launch in December 2017. The idea came about in 2015 and the startup took 2 years to create their own device and according to the co-founder, is growing at 15% every week.

The device functions with the help of a small reader. This reader analysis’ strips connected to a mobile phone, allowing the app to compute and produce the required results. The first batches of test-strips are provided by the startup when purchasing the device.

The devices are for sale at Rs. 3195 which is a lot cheaper than the alternatives currently in the market. They are currently available on their main website and on Amazon and will be heading to Flipkart shortly.

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