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Creating a peaceful, stress-free environment for people dealing with legal issues


Organizing the unorganized service apartment market and helping companies with corporate stays

The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.

The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. helps people pen down letters to others. For the tech and adapting-to-tech generations who do not write letters anymore, and would rather send an email, text or tweet, the Indian Handwritten Letter Co. is…

Awesome Chef

Awesome Chef works on do-it-yourself, ready to cook, meal kit to help their customers with their hectic schedules. They create meal kits for people to cook healthy, restaurant-style meals at their convenience in the comfort of their homes.…


In many parts of India, the agriculture practises being followed are very traditional. A lot of the decisions currently taken by farmers like when to irrigate, how much to irrigate, when to spray etc are based on gut instinct and guesswork,…

Planet Earthling

Planet Earthling is a project that works on creating empowering games to make the world a better place. They do this by adding life skills into the games they create. Players enjoy interesting and entertaining games and learn about skills…


Gingercup is a company handling advertising on paper cups. They work on branding paper cups and distributing them at locations where they get a lot of attention. Currently targeting IT parks, offices, colleges, railways and many other…


YellowBulbs is a business to business online marketplace that advertises services for companies and businesses. Since a service can cost different amounts based on the company handling it, and the experience of the person working on it,…