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Taxidio is a destination recommendation engine and online trip planner that focuses on making travel planning a more simplified task. It assists people who like to travel at their time and pace, without complying to rigid itineraries. Taxidio is one of the only travel planner that creates a logical connect to the process of travel planning, by encompassing its different nodes such as destination selection, itinerary creation, accommodation bookings, purchase of attraction tickets and availability of comprehensive travel guides.

“Taxidio’s system generates itineraries which are highly personalized and fully customisable, thus empowering travellers to get a better grip on their trip, before even stepping out”

Although many different segments of the travel process are automated, there are major gaps that can be seen in the larger picture, which can be addressed by taking deductive leaps when moving from planning to execution.

The tourism market around the world collectively creates 10% of the world’s GDP. With more than half of this number indulging in leisure travel, the tourism industry is seeing a paradigm shift from offline travel agents to online DIY trip planners.

Taxidio is currently in the top 5 companies catering to millennials who prefer doing things by themselves. With an increasing number of travellers resorting to the online mode of trip planning, the company growth trajectory is pacing rapidly to the top.

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Currently headquartered in Mumbai, India, Taxidio is co-founded by Abhas Desai and Vishal Kejariwal. They are supported by a team of travel enthusiasts who through their experience and new-age insights are looking to change the industry as they see it. The company currently comprises of 8 team members,but plans of adding a few more are in the pipeline.

Given the growth of the company, they are looking to increase the content and development team to keep with up pace. They are further going to dial up their social media presence to get in touch with potential clients from across borders. Taxidio is making room for two app developers, three content developers and one social media manager.

Taxidio launched the beta version of its website earlier this year. Within three months they saw some amazing results with potential travellers using their website and services in large numbers. This can be attributed to the success of their marketing campaign over the last couple of months. Taxidio learned through experience that marketing is the best way to guarantee leads and conversions.

Moving forward, the company will work with a day-wise planner and schedule over their current trip approach. Moving to Android and iOS apps would be another interesting feature that their customers can look forward to.

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