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Team Inertia was co-founded by Sujeet Shetty. A computer science graduate from Goa University, he was well placed at NIIT and the Dept of IT, Government of Goa. After working with the national informatics center, he is responsible for starting the e governance system throughout the state. With his amazing programming skills and advanced leadership skills, he had what was needed to start Team Inertia in Goa.

Team Inertia is a web design and software development firm that has been around for thirteen years. They provide aesthetic, functional and well priced websites right out of Panjim, Goa. In the recent years, they have worked on 1000 plus websites. A majority of these have been with their own customised CMS. Over the time that their software has been used, it has gained quite the reputation. Being scalable and well priced, they managed to hold on to their clients for being reliable and honest as well.

“We’ve become adept at bridging the gap between your digital product and your user’s human intelligence”

All the founders of Team Inertia have gone through NIIT. They managed to pick up all the knowledge needed and the languages that were popular, at the time. After their stint at NIIT, they worked on a website for their friends wedding and this is where the ball began rolling to what they have become today.

Together we achieve more, is their catchphrase for the work they do, and they really live by it. That’s not all, they also focus on what they call, the three C’s for success; cooperation, communication and commitment. Moreover, their clients play a very large part in their projects and assist them throughout the way. They even go the extra mile to provide their clients with free support after their projects run live. They do not charge the customer, since they would rather have a satisfied customer instead of maintaining only work relationships. That’s not all, they are always around for remote help if needed, you can get them through phone, email or Skype.

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Their functional web and mobile designs make a big difference from the rest of their competition. Their design experts use basic changes and designs that are already working and successful in the market and build right off those. After going through what worked well for others, they use their stories to sort out the same for them. They make sure they have addressed the needs and requirements of their clients without troubling them.

Since the IT industry keeps changing and their client needs aren’t staying constant either, handling such challenges is a constant struggle. Furthermore, using the best technologies at affordable prices is a challenge of it’s own.

In a world where everything is being run through a mobile phone, they are working on easy to understand user changes. Simple designs and easy functionality are their key points. They are planning on adding hybrid native apps compatible with Android and iOS to their to do list in the short run.

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