Tech envisions the ultimate startup. An entire city!

A couple of startups decided to create an entire tech-based city

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After the success, innovation and wealth of the Bay area, it seems like the perfect place to be. However, on closer inspection, it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should. The cost of housing has gone through the roof making it impossible for school teachers, line cooks and other similar professions to pay for living there.

The way the city is imagined to function and the ground reality are quite far apart. However, the difference between several years ago and today is that there are people who seem to be taking interest in the situation.

The idea is to get people who have worked on circuits and social media to begin working on cities thereby creating ‘the perfect city’. These places would be designed from nothing up and they would be free of all the hassles already prevalent in the area.

Ben Huh, who was running a Cheezburger empire in Seattle, is now leading a project by the startup incubator ‘Y Combinator’, where he explores the creation of new cities. The number of applications that came through to work on ‘the ultimate full stack startup’ were overwhelming. An alphabet company, ‘Sidewalk labs’ also mentioned that they would be teaming up with a Toronto based Government agency to work on building a section of the city from the internet up.

Although the tech industry has been working on creating some of the most interesting developments in tech, like cheaper cell phones, faster computers, etc, there is nothing being done about cities. Since cities are the greatest invention the human race has come up with, it should make sense to reinvent them as well.

Many companies are already looking forward to investing in this venture as soon as there is something more concrete out there.

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