The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.

Writting letters to loved ones in a generation that texts and tweets

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The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. helps people pen down letters to others. For the tech and adapting-to-tech generations who do not write letters anymore, and would rather send an email, text or tweet, the Indian Handwritten Letter Co. is the answer to your problems. They collect content and hand write the letter and send it out with as much love, if not more than the initial sender would have.

They are one of the only companies that hand writes letters and are capable of doing it in ten different languages. They provide unique content and no two letters are the same. Although the world is getting a lot faster, there are many who cherish receiving letters and those are the people that this company is trying to get to.

They connect people and show them that someone out there cares enough to send them a letter, over; shooting a message or text that takes no time or energy.

Founded by Anubhav Ankit and Jashwanth Cheripally, the company is headquartered in Bangalore. Sarani Bhargav, is the COO of the company. With their aspirations of becoming India’s one-stop solution for all personal and professional communication, the Indian Handwritten Letter Co. is looking at taking over a $ 20 billion industry. They already have their eyes set on taking over 20% of the Indian market in the next 5 years.


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Their price point is that they use a community model to assist their clients. Furthermore, the processes that they use are easy to understand by their customers and their team.

The company currently runs with a team of 28 people. They are looking to hire some robotic enthusiasts and good quality personal content developers. They are also working on getting a few more international writers on board to assist with their accelerated growth. Always working with the cost price being less than their selling price, the company has always been in the green.

Both the founders love letter writing and as such, love watching their endeavor grow. A few additions to their product in the short term are the voice-activated personal content creation and AI to analyze client mood based on the choice of letters they wrote in the past along with social chatter.

Currently, they are the cheapest company out there offering what they offer. Furthermore, providing their clients with the most value, The Indian Handwritten Letter Co. has done close to 200 k letter in the last 20 months and already have eight international writers on board.

As a company, they are currently self-funded.

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