The Spartan Poker

Allowing poker players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes

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The Spartan Poker is an online gaming company offering players poker, rummy and a bunch of other games (expected to be introduced in the future) from across the board. Further, players can play these games in for real money. The company has been created for leisure,  semi-professional and professional players to try their hands at real money card games of skill. Every month sees a very large amount of money in the form of guaranteed prize pools and players fighting it out for their chance to walk away with the biggest share of the prize. Spartan is hoping to be the leading online platform for games within the country and soon expects to expand to the rest of the world.

“The ease of gameplay any time anywhere and on-the-go has proven to be one of the major attractions for the player who loves to play his poker at Spartan”

There are very few platforms that can offer their gamers as much as Spartan does. The Spartan Poker has a monthly signature tournament, ‘The Millionaire’ that offers their gamers 20 lacs for first place and 10 Lakhs guaranteed for second place. Winning a tournament like this can end up making someone’s career or changing their lives. Spartan has a good customer support team that allows same day cash outs, which is usually processed within 4 hours. They also work overtime to resolve player issues.

Players can play the game from the comfort of their homes with others who are also playing remotely. Making fast and calculated decisions come easily when gamers are in their comfort zones. This has also worked out to be one of the selling points of this platform. The returns from Spartan are significantly higher than actual brick and mortar casinos in India.

A basic online research suggests that the Indian card playing market is valued at $200 million. Despite being in the initial stages of its growth cycle, the company seems like they are smoothly sailing forward.

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The Spartan Poker is headquartered in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The company is run by Amin Rozani, Co-founder and MD, Rajeev Kanjani, Sameer Rattonsey and Peter Abraham (all Co-founders and Directors). The founders and the core management have been in the poker industry for about a decade. Since they have a strong understanding of how the business works, they feel like they know what is needed to kick their game offerings up a notch.

The company is looking to be in the 3000 crore category someday but they are currently looking to get their name up as one of the best gaming companies in the country. They are constantly jumping between the second best and the best poker company in terms of ranking but they would like to lead by a significant margin first. In this industry they are looking to emulate a brand like PokerStars which is a $5 billion listed company and the global leaders in the poker space. 

Although their senior positions are already in place, the company is looking to start hiring for the mid and the junior positions. They need to make sure their team is strong to take them to the next level. Currently, the company has 65 employees and counting with most of their growth taking place within the last year.

They are pushing themselves to be the number one gaming company in the country. After having established this, the world is their limit. The platform allows players to play for the leisure or if they are interested in taking this up as a full-time career. Many find the idea of playing with professionals appealing and that is what is getting Spartan a lot of players interested in them.

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