This teen raised funds to provide sanitary napkins for poor

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Sanjana Dixit was spending her birthday at a children’s home in the city when she noticed the lack of hygiene in their bathrooms. She is a tenth-grade student at the National Public school and a frequent visitor at the Thayi Mane children’s home. Being a girl, she immediately related to the issues the others at the home faced with regard to their hygiene.

She immediately began talking about health and hygiene. Furthermore, she found that the house received several donations of books, stationery, clothes and other needs, barely anyone donated sanitary napkins.

For the two months that followed November 2017, the teen began working with social media, Whatsapp and other websites, to create awareness and raise funds to aid in her endeavour. In three weeks, she had already gathered Rs 49,050. With this money, she donated enough napkins to last 40 girls a year.

She then went one step further and organized a health and hygiene workshop. She did this with the help of Dr Sunita Shekokar to educate girls on menstrual care and to answer a lot of questions and doubts surrounding menstrual cycles.

“As I come from a rural background, where periods are not discussed openly, I had many questions. The session helped me understand safe practices and bust taboos around it” says Lakshmi GM 23-year-old postgraduate student who attended the session.

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