No queues for your tickets anymore!

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Event organizers and nightclubs looking for a simpler ticketing solution, look no further. Ticlet is a ticketing and RFID solution that helps keep a check on the number of people attending an event. It also allows users an easier and hassle free booking process to all the happening parties. Furthermore, it provides the details of upcoming parties so users are always in the loop. Ticlet was started by Rishabh Kavlekar a few years back.

Users do not have to stand in queues anymore to get their own tickets. That’s not all, it also allows secure and cashless payments at music festivals.

“Since there are no major RFID players in this field in India so far, we plan to ace this segment”

India has moved to a position where most of the tickets booked are booked online. This shows that there is a giant market out there for ticket booking. Since most of these tickets booked are from the travel or the entertainment department, there is definitely scope for optimization in the idea.

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Currently they are headquartered in Goa, which makes sense since a lot of the happening parties happen right here. They aren’t only targeting the major, large parties, but also the smaller ones happening over the weekends. They are working toward getting into everyone’s phones. Since youth are a big market for nightlife events, they would soon start targeting the youth that enjoy the occasional party as well.

Since they are looking to get larger, their current upcoming hires are for their marketing and the sales department. They need to create as much awareness about their product as they can. Users love how easy their product is to work and that is why they keep coming back. Further, to have options when attending parties is another aspect that customers like. What keeps them though are the schemes and the pre booking updates.

They can handle cashless payments using RFID bands. Getting their hands on an exclusive and large event would definitely put them on the map. Most of the ticket booking sites out there are their competition, especially since they managed to get into the market before ticlet.

For a limited period offer, ticlet offers 100% cashback on the user’s first booking. Other offers and amazing schemes for their referral program would help give them a bit of an edge in the market. Further, they plan to work on and ace the RFID game since there isn’t someone doing this in the Indian market this far.


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