Union minister makes an unconventional pitch for unconventional ideas and the growth of entrepreneurship in India

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At a recent talk about startups and ideas, Suresh Prabhu graced the audience with some of his thoughts on the subject.

The next crazy idea that someone has, could be worth a fortune. “Any idea you pursue, don’t ask anybody whether it is a good idea or not, because for every idea there will be thousands who will say it is a bad idea. Only the ones who pursue that idea will succeed,” the Commerce and Industry Minister said.

Suresh Prabhu also spoke about the crazy and lazy people and mentioned that the lazy ones would never succeed. He did, however, state that there are enough opportunities for everyone. On a side note, he also discussed someone taking up a study on why school dropouts become successful businessmen.

He went further to say that sometimes, old fashions are reborn and start trending.

You never really know which idea would be successful and which one wouldn’t.

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