Taking sports analytics and team evaluation to the next level

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Sports teams looking for a system to assist in creating of statistical analysis of player strong and weak points, or other teams, meet the solution you have been looking for. Videobserver is an advanced tool that combines all the information from videos and other matches, to assist teams with better strategies. By providing SaaS advanced video, analytic tools and services, it builds a database of match related content. The system links match statistics and videos and handles player and team performance analysis. This is done in almost no time and can be shared with the rest of the team and players to better themselves.

“We offer far superior features and performance at similar prices to our competition”

Easier, faster and better, the company motto describes their culture right down to the ‘t’. Their basic sports philosophy relates to everything on their platform as well. Therefore their system is faster at giving result and better than their competition. Other than being sports persons themselves, they also have deep connections in the space that they leverage with the work they do. Since they are in touch with top coaches, they managed to build a platform that is constantly being updated to incorporate new changes.

If you try to analyze a match, it is a long and tedious process that takes hours and hours. Not forgetting the writing, the calculations, the changes, the torn pages and on and on and on it goes. Since teams are competing at crazy levels, the sooner they have their analysis, the faster they would be able to practice. Instead of spending 15 – 20 hours trying to sort this out, teams prefer to use a platform that does this in almost a tenth of the time.

That’s not all, the system allows for collaboration which assists with getting the reports sooner. Teams can also work with others to add their inputs to the system.

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The company is headquartered in Lisbon but has an office in Chicago, USA as well. Videobserver is also working toward becoming the best platform that handles sports performance analysis. However, they are trying to make their way into American schools, colleges and universities since they have about 100k teams within that could benefit from this system. In fact, they are aiming at 20% of High schools in the US in the next 2 years. Sports have always been a growing industry but sports analytics is picking up now and gaining traction. Since all teams are working toward winning their games, they are all looking for a tactical advantage, and that is where Videobserver comes in.

The founders are André Rocha and Fernando Sousa and the additional key members are Sergio Diniz (CTO) and Peter Irizarry (VP USA). The team is in a pretty good place right now, but they are looking to incorporate a few more desks to their office soon. Videobserver is looking to add an office manager, service delivery manager and revenue assurance manager. With a team of 12 employees, they have about 40 freelance analysts assisting them.

The next feature that they are working on is a new video editor. They are also working on incorporating live videos to their system. Finally they are working on upping their integration game to allow users to integrate other content to their platform.

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