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A mix of theatre and science thereby building up non technical skills

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WeMove Solutions is a theatre based company who does a ton of their work with corporates and universities. They are working on building and improving non technical skills using science of theatre. There are very few companies out there who use an art form the way that WeMove Solutions does. WeMove Solutions managed to club Theatre and Technology turn it into a profitable business that they can scale and grow. They also managed to build a sustainable business model around it.

“The immediate learning impact and retention is why our customers keep coming back”

More 15 crore employees working in different departments of the work force need competency tests and sometimes training. There are about 6.3 lac new employees joining the workforce every year and these numbers see a further 5% increase annually. A recent survey showed that 46% of employees are unable to implement the learning from training at work. To make matters worse, only about 4% of graduates are hirable. The rest do not have the remaining skills that come with a graduation, to be employed.

Rangaraj Bhatracharya, Co-Founder
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The market opportunity in India is close to one billion so it made sense to start here. WeMove Solutions is headquartered in Bangalore. Judging by the way the company has been set up, it can be scaled to accommodate more people with branches around the world. Being the only company that does what they do, they are looking to get about 10% of the Indian market over the upcoming 5 years. Further, they managed to achieve all that they did using social media and referrals & plan to continue with the same idea for business as the world is on Social media.

The company is founded by Rangaraj Bhatracharya and Abhishek Iyengar. The founders collectively have more than 20 years of experience in Corporate sector and theatre. They also had corporate jobs in the past and know how that world works as well. Currently, the company is running with 15 people who are making a major impact on people joining the workforce.

Currently, the company is working with more than 40 companies and 8 universities. They have managed to spread their knowledge to more than 10000 participants within that time.

WeMove Solutions is looking to make an impact in the lives of people looking to brush up on their skills and get into the workforce. Changing lives is their Game.


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