The crackerjack creators and marketers of content

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WittyFeed – the name is synonymous with highly viral content and is now widely recognized as crackerjack content marketers. The company invested its energies in content creation, virality of content and content marketing even before the world recognized the true potential of the word ‘viral’.

WittyFeed traces its genesis to a very successful (and still running) Facebook page on Amazing things in the world, which its founders had created to showcase stunning content from around the world. The company applied the concept of amazing content to branding and marketing on online media and added a whole new paradigm to the concept of virality and branding.

“With 100 million users in the kitty already, the company aspires to take the numbers to a Big Billion”

So, how does WittyFeed do what it is best at? Being a content marketing company, WittyFeed understands the world of brands and their highly peripatetic needs. WittyFeed has also successfully decoded audience need and behavior. People, spending 6-7 hours a day on their smartphones and various other screens, consume content in different formats like text, image and videos. And they are always hungry for fresh and relevant content which represents a huge opportunity.

After a careful analysis of such demands and needs, WittyFeed assists brands in content creation, content marketing and in reaching out to its target audience in more effective ways. Since the company has an elevated expertise in effective distribution of content also, it devises best-fit content distribution strategy for its clients to ensure the best reach for a given brand.

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WittyFeed employs a programmatic, data driven platform that uses real time data analysis, to reach the right audience at the right time. The company undertakes extensive research to create virgin content designed to resonate with the targeted audience. It also employs various distribution mechanisms to ensure that the content reaches the right audience at the right time.  It, then tracks, user behavior through the content posted on various platforms, further analyses and predicts the impression of the viewers and audiences. The insights, so collected, help in audience management. Therefore, data is crucial and correct analysis is the backbone of the system. For example, data helps to decide on the most appropriate day and time to release content and even the right words, region-wise, which would have the highest probability of right audience attention and desired audience action. WittyFeed’s platform, Viral9.com, empowers thousands of influencers to share and spread relevant content to millions of people around the world, which in turn can create an impact on billions.

The company’s current focus is two-pronged – one on video content and the second on a Content Marketing Platform for sponsored content, to facilitate clients to plan and track campaigns.

A brainchild of collegemates and co-founders, Vinay Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav, now CEO and CTO respectively, along with Parveen Singhal, CCO; WittyFeed is now looking to strengthen itself by rolling out artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding in Pre-series A round from a marque group of investors. Headquartered at Indore, MP; the company believes in building a great team; is miles ahead of its nearest Indian competitor in terms of page views, considers the world as its playing field and views only time as a limiting factor to its growth.


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