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Headquartered in the commercial capital of Goa, Margao, Xerviz Wlobal acts as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) agency, servicing diverse domains. Established in the year 2015 with one process in hand, they have broadened their umbrella with multiple processes in order to increase the scope of their service bucket.

Xerviz Wlobal was founded by Rohan Warty. After pursuing his MBA Marketing from Mumbai and working there for a short span, Rohan’s deep desire to start his own venture in Goa brought him back to his roots. What motivated him further was the fact that Goa has a huge untapped talent which he could capitalize on and generate job opportunities in his home town.

“We exist mainly to understand the requirement of the clients and act accordingly to provide best possible outsourcing services.”

– Founder & Director, Mr. Rohan Warty

The key to the success of their business lies in spanning the service offerings as per the customer’s needs and developing the best expertise to assist customers in achieving their business goals. With their core activities being Telemarketing ( Inbound & Outbound), Customer service, Lead Generation(Voice & Non-Voice), B2B Marketing Campaign, Data Entry, Data Mining & Research the company also aims to solve problems such as Effective management of resources. This allows the client to focus on their core business areas, while Xerviz Wlobal is effectively helping clients with allied activities like Sales, Marketing, Customer service.

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Countries like Philippines have emerged strong in the BPO sector while India continues to face challenges like high attrition rates. However the team at Xerviz Wlobal believes that no country can match the talent, quality and excellence that India has to offer.

The BPO boom in India is credited to India’s huge talent pool of skilled and proficient English-Speaking professionals available at competitive rates. That makes India the world’s favored market for BPO companies, among other competitors, such as, Australia, China, Philippines and Ireland.

Dream big and Sky’s the Limit is the motto that inspires the team of 25 employees that is being taken care of by Ms. Aarti Chatterjee who heads the HR and Operations department. Xerviz is growing at a fast pace in terms of work specialisations with 5 processes in hand. The team which is a mix of experienced and freshers is now focusing to capture major part of Goa’s market share. They are the only recognised BPO in the state and have a respectable market share across the globe.


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