Taking clients to different locations for the experience before anything else

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Xoxoday is a travel tech company that creates local experiences for tourists and residents who are travelling in the area. Since every city has its own unique ins and outs, it makes sense to allow people passing through to know about them. Xoxoday worked on an interface that allows their users to host different experiences in different cities. It also allows others to book these experiences and live them. Over time the platform has gathered a list of people who know their cities, creating city mentors from different cities around the world. This makes sure that their content is authentic and experiences are legit.

“Xoxoday is a marketplace for local experience sellers and desired experience seekers. The team has worked on a robust tech interface to bridge the two”

This platform answers the questions that most spontaneous travelers go through. Where to stay, what is the best mode of travel and what are the fun things to do there. There are many sites to assist travelers with the where and the how, but there aren’t any platforms to help with the experiences.

This platform is diving travelers into two different parts, tourists, who may or may not have visited the location before and locals who are looking for interesting things to do over a holiday or weekend. These groups together create one of the most unorganized markets in the world, but a market that has a lot of potential all the same.

Xoxoday is headquartered in Bangalore, India and was founded by Kushal Agrawal, Manoj Agarwal, Sumit Khandelwal and Abhishek Kumar. The company comprises of more than 130 individuals divided across the different teams. Currently the company is looking to add a few more members to their teams in the field of technology.

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Since the idea of marketing experiences and selling them can work well with a lot of smaller customers, or shops and restaurants, the platform can make large profits. Furthermore, Xoxoday is looking to grab 10% of the market dealing with local experiences and activities.

The founders are fascinated by the prospect of working with different people and listening to their reviews about the platform and their experiences.

The company began their journey in 2012 and received their first round of funding in 2013. They then started working tirelessly and pushing for their next round which they managed to 2016. Beyond that they managed to acquire 5 other startups. Finally, all that work began paying off and they released their first mobile app in the beginning of 2017. They then pushed toward the host management system, a system that works with the hosts of experiences, in November 2017.

Moving forward, they are looking to provide API documentation, allowing their hosts to receive data from the main Xoxoday system. They are also working on a day planner system for their guests. This system will work as the name suggests, allowing guests to plan their days according to their experiences on those days.

They have already received funding through different rounds that altogether should amount to about $1 mil.


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