Partnering with S,M,L brands to help them get their marketing work done from the best in class specialists from India

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YellowBulbs is a business to business online marketplace that advertises services for companies and businesses. Since a service can cost different amounts based on the company handling it, and the experience of the person working on it, YellowBulbs recommends the fair price from the best suited specialist. They are on their way to handle these calculations through artificial intelligence to send companies the range that they should be paying for a specific service. The system uses AI that has come together over years of experience and learning, allowing them to predict near accurate numbers.

“YellowBulbs is working on using tech to make marketing processes seamless, intuitive and self-serving. It will make a complicated marketing subject more template driven for a non-marketing businessman or executive”

The company helps brands understand what they really require. Further, it tells them the right amount that they should be paying for it. Finally, it shows them the most ideal candidate to handle their work for them.

The market size to handle something like this, accounting for freelancers and agencies, should reach about $120B by 2020. Service providers from Indian Subcontinent are responsible for almost 20% of business through online freelancing sites. Further, the market being unorganized, a lot of the talented freelancers & agencies are unheard of or skipped altogether since they do not always have the perfect portfolio.

The company is headquartered in Noida with a brand in Kolkata.  The company was co founded by Vivek Modi (CE0 & Co-Founder), Nehal Karia Modi (COO and Co-Founder), Rishi Raj ( CRO & Co-Founder) and Riya Mukherjee (Chief Creative Officer). The co founders have a total of 60+ years of experience between them, in the fields of marketing and sales. The company is still working on growing exponentially and they plan on hiring a CTO or a tech co-founder in the near future. Currently, the company has 11 employees who work from different parts of India.

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A majority of them work out of their main office in Noida & Kolkata. The rest send in their work from their homes in Kolkata, Chennai or Bangalore.

YellowBulbs has their eyes on becoming one of the major brands in the Indian market. They are working toward reaching Rs. 143 cr in the next 3 years. They are further motivated by their vision of becoming a huge brand in the global marketplace.

Clients who work with YellowBulbs enjoy some perks that they would not easily get elsewhere. Larger brands now avail a one stop service called YellowBulbs Fulfilled where one service manager gets all the marketing work done from the large network of marketing agencies across India.

In the other model of Post a Brief online, they are allowed to work without the hassle of borders. Companies can connect with their resources without having to be in the same physical space. Since most of the work is done remotely, companies are saving on market costs as well, but this also builds a relationship of trust since there are some personal interactions between the resource and the company. A lot of the work gets done faster since everything is provided to the client so easily.

Over the years, it has also become evident that many freelancers do not have experience, or know the process when dealing with big clients and take some time to get this right. They also learned that businesses do not want to pay unknown resources advances until they have built some trust after working with them for a bit. YellowBulbs has managed to build the Trust Bridge with more than 90 brands across India namely – Royal Stag Barrel Select, Pace IIT & Medical, Domino’s, Make My Trip, India Today Group, Radio Mirchi, etc.

YellowBulbs is looking to raise $1M in their current round of funding.

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