Restaurants to now have fire certificates added to their Zomato page

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After the Kamala Hills fire where fourteen people lost their lives, it was time for the country to take stricter action on fire hazard and safety features. After the smoke settled, it seemed that the embers from the coal used in the hookah machines at the Mojo’s Bistro were the cause of the fires.

Two months later, Zomato decided to play their part to make sure such a situation does not take place in future. They decided to add the fire safety certificate on their platform so users would be aware of the places they visit. The public interface of the Zomato platform will include a scan of the certificate for all to view. However, some restaurants who for some reason or the other cannot upload such a document will have a ‘denied’ symbol on their pages.

At present, there aren’t many restaurants who have this information mentioned on Zomato. However, the website is going to actively work toward gathering this information from listed businesses.

Since restaurants need to have a fire certificate before they can begin with their business, Zomato doesn’t think it would be too difficult to gather this information.

It is a known fact that most restaurants pay off officials to look the other way when they are beginning their business. These restaurants will now have to work toward meeting safety and fire standards before they can begin opening to customers.

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