Improving employee wellbeing - Making people better by helping change small habits

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Zoojoo.be enables positive behaviour change within companies and organizations, through habits that it assists people in forming. They create an interactive and social application that works based on the habits individuals develop, allowing them to change their lifestyles. For example, it allows people to start working on taking the stairs instead of the elevator, reducing the number of teas consumed, stop using their cell phones all the time and so much more.

“We employ scientific methods and behaviour research to consistently find ways to help employees make healthier lifestyle choices through habit formation”

Their constant focus on behaviour, their understanding of how to build small behaviour changes in a person’s everyday life their ability to use this ongoing research to make their platform more holistic and diverse makes it very relatable to the employee who uses the platform. They are a B2B platform and focus on organizations since they are looking to make a larger impact and through companies it seemed a better approach. The platform they have created uses bits and pieces of habit formation principles, artificial intelligence, gamification and social networks in a very different and novel way.

In a recent study, the World Health Organization has stated that most people cultivate their health and well being habits at their workplace. Having this information, companies should work to improve the conditions in such places to assist people accordingly. Many organizations have already started with “workplace wellness programs” but others are yet to follow suit. For many, Zoojoo.be is the perfect collaborator – an everyday partner to meet this objective.

Over three years, they have managed to amass enough content and evidence to prove that their app assists people in changing habits that they would have otherwise found very difficult. That’s not all, use of this platform has shown significant reduction in stress levels, increase in job satisfaction and general commitment to the organization.

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Zoojoo.be has incubated through IIM Bangalore and is one of the fastest growing startups there. They are further planning on getting their hands on about 5 million users in the next 5 years. The people behind the company and the members of the core team are Avinash SaurabhCEO and Co-Founder, Anandraj KoormapoluCFO and Co-Founder, Moovendan Arumugam Technology and Engineering head and Co-Founder, Aparna KrishnanLead for Growth and New Opportunities, Dr. Shanthi Lakshmi Duraimani Chief Research Analyst and Snehanjan ShomeHead of Design.

Their founding team has handled technology and engineering, behavior research, client engagement and human capital consulting and graphic design in the past, and some of their members have strong roots in these fields, making them ideal to take this forward.They are currently running with a team of 25 people. However, they are planning on making some new hires in the near future. The company wants to get their hands on talent in the areas of business development, marketing and customer engagement.

Zoojoo.be offers a good deal and an interesting value proposition for companies and individuals which makes it an incentive that both would want. Further, with the interesting technology and the ability to show promising results, there is literally no downside.

The company has raised $ 1 mil in the seed funding round.


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